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At Baby Ventures, one of our guiding principles is to foster a love of reading from an early age. And nothing makes us happier than hearing stories of little ones (and grown-ups too) who love our books! 


"Just so you know, we read this book [The ABCs of Annapolis] at least once a day! Currently, this will be the third time in a row!"
- Emily K., January 2019

“…When I discovered The ABCs of Washington, DC from Baby Ventures, I was so excited! It’s a wonderful book and has become the special gift (accompanied by something hand knit, of course!) for every baby in our lives, introducing them to books and a special city, all in one! Now that ¡Números, Baby! is out, it’s my “go to” gift for a first birthday. There can be no better gift than a good book!”

- Anne W, January 2019

“I bought the ABCs of Washington, DC for my friend’s son. She told me it’s his favorite book and she doesn’t go anywhere without it!”

- Meriana A, April 2018

“We had ordered your DC ABCs book and got it yesterday! It’s been an instant hit with our daughter. It’s the first DC kids book that I’ve liked. I almost regret ordering it because she’s made me read it like 4,837,272 times today. J Thanks for the book!”
- Veronica G, March 2018

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